Norwood Light and Broadband Department

Norwood's #1 Broadband Provider

Dedication to Exemplary Service

Norwood Light Electric & Broadband powers the Town of Norwood and provides high-speed internet, HD cable TV and digital telephone.

Officially named the Norwood Municipal Light Department, we are a department of the Town of Norwood and operate as Norwood Light Electric and Broadband. Municipal, or public power, utilities are community-owned and locally operated systems that generally provide lower rates and better service than larger, investor-owned utilities

As a municipal department, we are dedicated to exemplary service and low rates. Our electric rates are the envy ofneighboring communities and our line crews pride themselves in quickly responding to and restoring outages. We are proud to be the No. 1 broadband provider in Norwood. Our broadband internet, cable and digital telephone offers consistently low rates with no hidden fees, no contracts and no data caps.

Norwood Light reports to the Select Board in its capacity as the Board of Light Commissioners and Norwood General Manager Tony Mazzucco.

Senior Staff

Kevin Shaughnessy, Superintendent

Daniel Morrissey, Chief Operating Officer

Jason Haber, Assistant Superintendent, Electric Division

Darryl Hanson, Assistant Superintendent, Broadband Division

Cathy Traietti, Assistant Superintendent, Business Office

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