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HD Cable TV

Watch Norwood Light Broadband cable TV anywhere you have an internet-connected device with WatchTVEverywhere.

High-Speed Internet

Listed below are the supported devices for customers who would like to purchase, or already own, their modem

Supported Cable Modems

Motorola 6183          Docsis 3.0     Modem

Arris CM3200           Docsis 3.0     Modem

Arris Surfboard 6190           Docsis 3.0            Modem

Supported Cable Modems with built-in WiFi

Arris DG2470           Docsis 3.0     Modem & Wireless router

Arris DG3260           Docsis 3.0     Modem & Wireless router

Arris DG3270           Docsis 3.0     Modem & Wireless router


Norwood Light Broadband (NLB) offers email as a complimentary, free service to our internet customers. NLB customers can use other alternative, free email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. NLB customers pay for their internet service, not email.

1. When you first signed up for service you should have been assigned your email account(s).

2. If you have not received an email address, please call 781-948-1150, option #1 and a service representative will cross-reference your account and then assign you an email address.

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your email account and current password.
  3. Click on “Welcome _______” to manage your account.
  4. Select “Change Password” option.
  5. Type in current password, and then type in new password and retype new password.
  6. Click on “Change Password.”

Yes. Go to
Login using your email account and password.

Yes, please see your Norwood Light email settings for proper setup.

1. All spam that is filtered and gets flagged as spam goes to your webmail account.
2. Your flagged “spam” emails will be stored in your “Spam” folder.
3. If you find a message that is valid and not spam, you can select that message and move it to your inbox.
4. Once the message is in your “Inbox,” you now will be able to download that message to your email client (i.e. Outlook).
5. All spam will be stored for 2 weeks only and then will be deleted

Digital Telephone


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