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You are able to pay bills in various ways:

  • Click Here to Pay Online
  • Phone 24/7 by calling 877-885-7968
  • Cash or check at Town Hall Treasurer’s Office – 566 Washington St
    • Monday through Friday 8:15 am – 3:30 pm
  • E-check or credit card at the Norwood Light Dept – 136 Access Rd.
    • Monday through Friday 7:45 am – 4:00 pm
  1. Account Number: Reference this number in any written or phone correspondence.
  2. Net Amount Due: Amount to be paid by the due date. Payments made after due date will lose the discount.
  3. Due Date: Payment due date.
  4. Usage History: Total kWh per month for the previous twelve months.
  5. Description: Detailed breakdown of current charges.
  6. Service Period: Dates included in this billing period.
  7. Service Days: Total number of days included in this billing period.
  8. kWh Used: Current reading minus previous reading.
  1. Account Number: Reference this number in any written or phone correspondence.
  2. Due Date: Payment in full is due by this date.
  3. Payment Summary: Displays any previous balance, payments received, current charges and current balance due.
  4. Customer Service Phone Number
  5. Special Messages: Channel changes, special offers and other information will be displayed in these areas.
  6. Current Month Activity: Detailed description of package charges, fees and taxes for the current billing period.
  7. Total Amount Due
  8. Payment Stub: This slip should be returned with your payment in the envelope enclosed with your bill.
  9. Remit Address: Please remit your payment to this address.

  1. Account Number: Reference this number in any written or phone correspondence.
  2. Amount Due: Amount to be paid by the due date.
  3. Due Date: Payment due date.
  4. Past Water Use: Actual usage billed for previous twelve months.  The greater the number of service days in the billing period the higher the usage will be.
  5. Service Period: Dates included in this billing period.
  6. Service Days: Total number of days in this billing period.
  7. Water Use: Current reading minus previous reading.
  8. Sewer Use: Calculated as 60% of water use.

MyMeter. Click Here to track usage and identify trends in your energy and water consumption to better control your monthly bill. Free for Norwood Light customers. Register to get started.

Please contact the billing office.

Call: 781-948-1200


Visit: Norwood Light, 136 Access Rd., Norwood, Monday – Friday, 7:45a.m. – 4 p.m.

Electric bills are mailed based on your account number.  Accounts beginning with 011 through 102, 232, 233 and 241 are mailed on the 6th of each month.  Accounts beginning with 111 through 221, 231, 251 and 252 are mailed on the 24th of each month. 

Water bills are mailed the 15th of each month.

Broadband bills are mailed on the 2nd of each month.

Please allow up 3 business days for delivery of your bill.  Please note these dates may be adjusted for weekends and/or holidays.

A higher than usual bill may be due to the seasons, holidays and billing periods.

Seasonal Reasons:

  • Cold weather can increase you bill by more than 10% if you use electric heat.
  • Shorter days increase the need for lighting.
  • Heavier, winter clothing requires a longer time in an electric dryer.
  • During holidays, more electricity is used for cooking, cleaning, lighting, heating and entertaining.
  • Indoor activities use more energy for lighting, cooking and entertaining.
  • Hot, humid weather can increase cooling costs by 10% or more.

Billing Periods:

A typical billing period is between 29 and 31 days. Holidays and other factors beyond our control may make a billing period up to 35 days long.  An additional five days can increase a bill by 17%.

Moving in. If you are moving into Norwood, welcome!  Sign up for electric service first, and then sign up for our broadband service for high-speed internet, HD cable TV and digital telephone.

Water accounts are always billed to the property owner.  If ownership has changed, the account will be updated per the Assessors Department after the deed for the property has been filed.  These updates are done monthly.  As a result, any interim bill will be sent to the homeowner.

Moving out.  We are sorry to see you go, but before you do please contact us to cancel service:

    • Electric – Call our office at 781-948-1200, 10 days prior to your move to schedule a final reading for your electric service.
    • Water – Call the Department of Public Works at 781-762-1413, 10 days prior to your move to schedule a final reading for your water service.
    • Broadband – Return all equipment (boxes, remote controls, power cords, etc.) to our office at 136 Access Road between the hours of 7:45 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Sign up to set up monthly automatic payments for your electric, broadband and/or water bills.

ACH: Complete the direct debit authorization form.

Credit/Debit: Complete the credit card authorization form.

Return your completed form to us (ACH must include a voided check):

Fax: 781-769-0660
In Person: 136 Access Road, Norwood, MA

Complete this form to authorize another person, such as a spouse or roommate, to obtain your account’s billing and usage information. Privacy laws require the account owner only to complete and return this form.